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Synthesis of Small Organic Molecules (SOM)


Small molecules can have a variety of biological functions, serving as cell signaling molecules, as tools in molecular biology, as drugs in medicine, as pesticides in farming, and in many other roles. SOM are valuable for treating diseases and constitute most medicines marketed today. SOM can be natural or synthetic; they may have a beneficial effect against a disease (such as drugs) or may be detrimental (such as carcinogens). SOM are suitable tools for understanding the living systems and thus can provide a smoother transition from chemistry to biology to medicine (edited from www.wikipedia.org)



Our research program aims at the development of biologically interesting small organic molecules that may lead to clinically applicable pharmaceutical drugs.


With a primary focus on the oncology, we are mainly working on the:

a) Development of new chemical compounds with improved anti-cancer efficacy.

b) Development of new chemical compounds with potent protein-inhibitory properties, i.e. compounds that are effectively and selectively capable to modulate/inhibit/regulate the functions of a macromolecule existing in a living system.

c) Improvement of the therapeutic index of anticancer agents by investigating new drug targeting and drug delivery systems that can enhance the selectivity for the killing of tumor cells and thus overcome the major limitations (e.g. toxicity, lack of selectivity, multi-drug resistance) in cancer therapy.


Based on our broad research experience, we design and perform the chemical synthesis of the new target compounds; compound libraries can be synthesized on automated simultaneous multiple chemical synthesizers. Following their purification (HPLC) and characterization (NMR, MS), the compounds will undergo in vitro and in vivo studies.


Representative projects and areas of research include:

- Prodrugs in cancer therapy

- Development of inhibitors of cellular proteins

- Synthesis of multicyclic ring systems

- Application of multicomponent reactions in drug synthesis

- Solid-phase peptide-synthesis

- Synthesis of substance libraries

- New drug delivery systems






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